Child Sponsorship Program


Bangladesh is a very young country where over 60 million people under the age of 18 live. Children are particularly affected by the general poverty levels and it is calculated that one in ten suffer from malnutrition. Over 30 per cent of the population lives in poverty and the number of vulnerable children is high. As per SOS Village report, number of Orphaned Children are 4,400,000. So far the government has established 73 such homes throughout the country, where only 9500 orphan boys and girls are being given shelter food education and training so that they can be rehabilitated in terms of proper socio-economic conditions. The rest numbers are takes shelter either in their nearest relative’s house or in the orphanages managed by NGO’s and philanthropists. Those who do not have the opportunity to be taken care off by any of those, become the street children. They do not get opportunities to get education according to their talent

The ‘orphan’ is a state of loneliness being neglected and demonstrated lack of proper cares. Orphan is a boy or girl who lost his or her father in childhood and as such was deprived of his affection. In Islam, strict directives have been given to take special care of the orphans.

IMI Child Sponsorship Program:

With a view to their psycho-social development by achieving good results, improve their behavioral pattern, shifted to good schools from traditional one for better career, engage themselves with various social activities, achieve award from different competitive events in local and national level and enter into higher study like engineering and university achieving good results in competitive exam. Orphans and the most vulnerable children are living mainly in extended families. They are gradually mobilizing social capital through acquiring knowledge, education and respecting community people. To prepare them as cautious and confident citizen by building brighter career in future.

Project Activities- At a glance:

Education: Under the program all sponsored children will get financial support to meet their educational expenses like tuition fees, expenses for uniform, exam costs and all sorts of teaching material collection. After completing secondary level, children will be facilitated to get admission in prominent institutes to build up their future bright career.

Food: All sponsored children will get money to manage meals which will be carefully monitored for nutrition content to ensure they get a balanced diet. Pocket money will be given to manage snacks during schooling hours. Eid gifts will be provided to enjoy special food on two Eid days of Islamic calendar. Beside this, the family of the sponsored children will get Ramadan food packages and Qurbani meat from IMI Ramadan and Qurbani program in the concerns areas where children are available.

Accommodation and clothing: As this is a unique program, all children will stay with their family members and nearest relatives so that they could be nurtured with real affection and love of their nearest & dearest one.

Medical Facilities: Regular health checkup by a medical practitioner takes place occasionally. Treatment and clinical services will be arranged through IMI volunteers and mentors. In some areas, local doctors provide medical services to the children free of costs with the support of our devoted mentors.

Psycho-social support: To improve the morale of the sponsored children, IMI mentors will facilitate them to participate extra-curricular activities to generate enthusiasm for their regular activities, various stimulating events will be arranged for the children. Beside this, winning awards, thanks letters, recognition crests, warm reception are given to the children who achieve extra-ordinary result in the final exam and wins in the competitions. 

Recreation: Children will be engaged with various recreational activities like visits to historical and important places of the country. Participate annual sports, pleasure trip and different events to show their creativity and potentials. 

Mentoring: Mentors are the key players to ensure all the supports to the children in presence of their guardians. The local social workers, youth leaders, religious personnel, professionals or anybody who has the enthusiasm, can be the mentor under direct supervision of IMI team.  They will be non-paid but they will be eligible to receive a fixed amount (may be 100-150 taka) for each child as conveyance so that they can take care of each child on regular basis.

Amount of sponsorship: From as little BDT-2500 a month your sponsorship can make a child’s dream come true. This contribution will allow us to sponsor the indigent children first. We do not allow donors to choose from pictures rather than their cases.


Age for sponsorship:

IMI plan to start the sponsorship from school going age 5 years and anybody can enter to the program up to 12 years old. Usually up to 16 years, support needs to continue.


Who can sponsor an orphan/poor child?

Child sponsorship program supports orphan and needy children. Anybody having long term commitment, can support an orphan child/poor at the time of making the donation. Please note that an orphan is a child who has lost their father or lost both their parents.


Can a donor contact the child s/he support?

Donor can communicate through letter and email. IMI team will also handover gifts to the child. Postage/relevant charge will be borne by the donor.


Can a donor visit the child s/he support?

Donor can visit the child if prior notice is given and the country is in safe position to travel. We will require donor to fill out a donor request form and submit a background check. Once the request has been processed, we’ll contact the donor and send them itinerary to confirm the details of the visit.


How long does the sponsorship will continue?

IMI Child Support Program wants to make a long-term commitment to children and support will continue up to the completion of their secondary school or higher secondary education. Donor should have such commitment to complete his/her minimum 12 grade study.

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