Hygiene Pack Support for Slum Dwellers

The recent crisis COVID-19 has opened the eyes of the people of this country and has exposed its vulnerability to infectious diseases. For a developing nation such as Bangladesh that has a robust workforce and a growing economy, the need to mitigate this vulnerability to keep progression intact is of utmost importance. First and foremost, the practices themselves should be maintained for the health and safety of self-entity.

Addressing community health and hygiene behavior change, can have significant effects on population and health by reducing a variety of disease conditions such as diarrhea, intestinal helminths, guinea worm and skin diseases. Food is a likely vehicle of diarrheal disease in low-income communities; handwashing and food handling are likely important risk factors for disease transmission. In Bangladesh, serving and eating foods with bare hands is common. Outbreaks of food borne disease have involved poor hygiene in restaurants and eating food from street vendors as risk factors.

Considering the circumstances, IMPACT INITIATIVE- IMI stood for those people and provided Hygiene packs for them with the support of the donor organization ECHO-USA. IMI provided hygiene packs for 2700 beneficiaries in Dhaka, Chittagong districts to facilitate to change the community health and hygiene behavior.

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