Our Story

IMPACT INITIATIVE- IMI is a national humanitarian and development organization based in Bangladesh. Established in 1995 and registered with the Social Welfare Ministry and NGO Affairs Bureau.

IMI is specialized on Youth Development along with different programs such as Education, Skills Development, Livelihood, WASH, Community Healthcare, Entrepreneurship Development and Emergency Response across the country. IMI always strives to find practical and scalable approaches to reduce poverty wherever it is. The organization has been working for developing human capital to give a voice to the people who are overlooked by the society and also the mainstream development initiatives.

For your kind note, Rangdhanu Development Center-RDC is now IMPACT INITIATIVE- IMI. The honorable general board members unanimously agreed to change the previous name by giving the new name IMPACT INITIATIVE-IMI in December 2020. The new name got accreditation from the registration authorities with the same registration code. Feeling the necessity to update our beneficiaries, donors, community volunteers and all our stakeholders in home and abroad, we decided to publish our annual report by the new name IMPACT INITIATIVE- IMI although the content and photographs are full of by the RDC documents as it was done in 2020.


IMI vision is to build up a just, enlightened societies free from hunger, poverty and address the needs of socially disadvantaged people and involve them in main stream development initiatives.  


IMI believes that developing human capital and dignity of poor people, the society will become an inclusive one. IMI gives emphasis more on human capacity building through its different initiatives. IMI is committed to making its programs socially, financially and environmentally sustainable, using new methods and improved technologies. The fulfillment of IMI’s mission requires the contribution of competent professional’s committed to the goals and values of IMI. IMI, therefore, fosters the development of the human potential of the members of the organization and those they serve. In order to achieve its goal, wherever necessary, IMI welcomes partnerships with the community, similar service provider, governmental institutions, private sectors and development    partners both at home and abroad.
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