Emergency Response

Bangladesh is one of those countries which faces a high probability of flood disasters, as it is beside Bay of Bengal. Every year Bangladesh faces flood disasters. Due to increase in rainfall in the northern and north-eastern parts of the country and in the hilly areas bordering those areas, the water level of major rivers is increased during monsoon. A large number of local residents, stranded in flood waters. A lack of dry space and fodder for livestock has forced several flood victims to sell off their livestock, namely cows and goats, only to make ends meet. Besides, many schools and colleges were inundated in floodwaters, while paved and unpaved roads and a vast tract of crop land had been badly damaged. Hectares of cropland, including paddy and vegetables, in the districts was gone under water.

Meanwhile, flood-affected people had been suffering from a lack of dry food and drinking water. Road communications have been disrupted badly in the three districts. IMPACT INITIATIVE- IMI stood up for those victims with the support of our valued donor ECHO-USA and provided 15 days foods pack for flood affected 2200 people.

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