Covid-19 Food Support

The level of poverty in Bangladesh is one of the highest in the world. Millions of people suffer from the hardship of poverty. Moreover, inequality afflicts the persistence of poverty. Due to pandemic Covid-19, Bangladesh government declared countrywide lockdown which continued for 4 months, which made people restricted from moving out from their houses. The misery of the lower income people increased inestimably.  Lockdown caused many people to lose their jobs and made them financially unstable.   Considering the sufferings of those poor people IMI stood beside them with food packages containing rice, pulse, sugar salt, potato as food item and giving them soap for cleaning themselves as well as making their clothes clean. It helped them a bit to reduce their vulnerability of affecting covit-19.  More than 16,500 people were supported by 15 days food packet during lockdown situation. USA based Educational, charitable and humanitarian organization-ECHO-USA stand beside IMI to move forward with food packages during the time of need.

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