Impact Initiative handed over Hoody Jacket for Turkey Earthquake victims

Impact Initiative came forward with the support for the Earthquick victim of Turkey’s Muslim brothers and sisters in need. The ISLAMISCHE GEMEINSCHAFT FÜR BILDUNG UND SOZIALES E.V. (IGBS)- Bangladeshi community in Hamburg, Germany supported IMI by donating as part of the initiative of strengthening brotherhood by virtue of collaboration, cooperation and mutual sharing of social responsibilities. The outcome of the 2 brotherly organizations- we have able to donate 500 PCS of Huddy Jacket which was handed over to the Coordinator of TIKA is the representative of the Turkish govt in Bangladesh. We hope, more collaborative effort and support will be extended in the future for the people in need.

The CEO of IMI Enayet Hossain Jakaria said to the journalists during the handing over to the coordinator- “Turkey is one of our best friends & they come forward for Bangladeshi people each & every moment when they are in need. Considering those feelings of brotherhood, we felt to stand beside them in their needs. IMI & IGBS team come forward with a small amount of donation but we feel happy that we could able to stand beside our brothers and sisters of Turkey during the moment they have been suffering.Şevki Mert Barış, TİKA’s Coordinator in Bangladesh stated that TİKA would remain active in Bangladesh and that the sincere ties between these two nations were the greatest source of motivation for future activities. Barış said that this donation is a symbol of love and belongingness for the Turkey nation. He thanked IMI & IGBS team and the people who donated these necessary goods for the victim people.

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